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Summary of NAPCAN Services 
This document outlines some of NAPCAN’s core work including workshops and training, information and resources and key projects nation-wide.
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Ways to support and encourage a child’s right to speak and be heard.
Tips on supporting and encouraging children and young people’s voice.
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Domestic violence hurts children too!
Lists the effects Domestic Violence can have on children and how to help.
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Listening to children
Tips on interacting and communicating with children.
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It’s not okay to shake babies
Highlights the damage that shaking a baby can cause, and provides tips on responding to a crying baby.
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It’s not okay to shake babies – Updated version
Highlights the damage that shaking a baby can cause, and provides tips on responding to a crying baby.
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Alternatives to smacking
Simple strategies for non-corporal discipline of children.
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Listening to babies
Assists parents to interact with babies.
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Listening to young people
Tips on how to understand and be a good listener to young people.
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Keeping children safe from sexual abuse
Outlines sexual abuse facts, offers tips on how to keep a child safe from sexual abuse & how to react if a child has experienced sexual abuse.
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30 Ways to boost a child’s confidence
Simple strategies to build a child’s self esteem.
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Use words that help not hurt
Outlines the damage caused by negative language and provides tips for positive reinforcement.
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When a child feels sad
Assists parents and carers deal with children experiencing loss/grief/sadness.
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The importance of play
Explains why play is so important in a child’s development and tips for parents on how to play with their child.
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Being a dad
Tips for men to develop effective parenting skills as their child grows.
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