Our Strategy

NAPCAN’s strategy is to bring about the changes necessary in individual and community behaviour to stop child abuse and neglect before it starts by:

Promoting quality child abuse prevention research
Promoting quality research so that the causes and impact of child abuse and neglect can be better understood and effective ways to prevent it can be developed and measured.

Advocating for child safe policies and strategies
Advocating for changes in policies and strategies that places the wellbeing of children and young people first.

Coordinating National Child Protection Week and promoting the PLAY YOUR PART initiative
Informing public awareness and attitudes to shift the thinking, so providing a safe community for children and young people is a concern shared by all Australians. To provide educational information and resources to ensure everyone has the knowledge and skills needed to take action in small or large ways to support children and families and reduce child abuse and neglect in Australia.

Demonstrating good practice
Developing and promoting community led prevention programs and initiatives that are evidenced based and effective in reducing the risk of child abuse and neglect.