All Children Being Safe

ALL CHILDREN BEING SAFE (ACBS) is a preschool and early primary school protective behaviours program developed to provide children (aged 4-8 years) with non-threatening ways to help them feel strong and stay safe in their communities. The program explores safety messages with children using bush animal stories (dingo, kangaroo, echidna, kookaburra, koala and king parrot). Stories are told about the animals and are supported with learning activities, art/craft, drama and music.

The stories and activities help children identify safe/unsafe feelings, people and places. ACBS encourages children to talk with trusted people who will support them. ACBS is a multi-lessoned program run in preschools and primary schools.

NAPCAN delivers a one day All Children Being Safe training. The training includes protective behaviours theory and an overview of the program. The day also provides opportunities to practice the activities and tips to embed the messages in the classroom.

ACBS Flyer BMP Image

To learn more about All Children Being Safe please contact NAPCAN Head Office on (02) 8073 3300 or on