2012 Play Your Part Award Recipients


Tim Duggan
Hoops4Health Aboriginal Corporation

Timmy Duggan, the founder of the Hoops for Health Aboriginal Corporation in the NT, is an outstanding advocate for Aboriginal health and has shown great vision in combining the passion for sport among young people with health education. Hoops for Health is run territory wide and focuses on youth diversionary activities by using culturally appropriate methods to create safer communities for children and young people.

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JAG team coming together to coordinate an event.


Junior Advisory Group – Bay Islands
Junior Advisory Group

The Junior Advisory Group, from the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, are a group of inspiring young people who conducted their own Speak Out during Youth Week celebrations in 2011. They then used the results from this to initiate and drive several events and programs including more cohesive transport system for those young people that travel to and from the islands for school; the development of the Bay Islands Blue Light Disco Association and subsequent Blue Light Discos. The Junior Advisory Group are role models for other young people in showing that they too have a voice and can contribute enormously to creating safer more inclusive communities.

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Left to right: Professor Fiona Arney and a representative of the Family by Family program


Family By Family
Family By Family Program

Family by Family is a new model of family support designed with families to address the problem of too much demand on crisis services, and too few families with the supports to manage chronic stress and isolation. Family by Family finds and coaches families who have been through tough times and come out the other side and links them up with families who would like to change something. Developed by the Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) it is an outstanding example of an innovative program which is creating safer communities for children and young people.

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Left to right: Merinda Sainty, Jane Fleming, Aileen Ashford - Tasmanian Children's Commissioner, Dean Daley-Jones (back), Brendan Fletcher (back), Hon. Julie Collins - Federal Minister for Community Services, Leesa Waters


Jane Fleming
Advocate for Violence Prevention

Jane Fleming has devoted many years to being an advocate for social change in Tasmania. It is widely accepted in the Tasmanian community that Jane has gone above and beyond her professional role to bring relevant prevention programs to Tasmania. Her energy and passion for creating a safer community for Tasmanian children is inspirational.

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Left to Right: Leesa Waters - NAPCAN, Bev Allen, Ada Peterson, Bernie Geary - VIC Child Safety Commissioner, Mel Watson, Rani Kumar


Partnership Between QEC & Mildura Aboriginal Corporation
Bumps To Babes & Beyond

The Bumps to Babes and Beyond program supports parents, particularly mothers, to develop skills around positive interactions with their babies, improve their connectedness to support networks, reduce depression and anxiety and assist with the development of secure parent/child attachments. The strong partnership between QEC and the Mildura Aboriginal Corporation driving this program is an excellent example of community networking which facilitates safer communities for children and young people.

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Left to right: Leesa Waters, Ian Barker, Helen Barker, Bernie Geary - Victorian Child Safety Commissioner, Anj Barker, Rani Kumar


Barker Family
Advocates For The Elimination of Relationship Violence

The work the Barker Family, and in particular Anj Barker, have undertaken to inform and educate young people about relationship violence in the years since Anj’s shocking personal experience are an inspiration to all individuals and families. Anj’s energy and passion for increasing young people’s awareness of this issue and creating safe communities along with the commitment of her parents, Helen and Ian Barker, establish them as leading advocates for the elimination of violence in Australia.

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Claudia Lopez and Alasdair Roy - ACT Children & Young People Commissioner.


Claudia Lopez
Steps & Return To Work Program For Young Mums

Claudia Lopez has demonstrated outstanding initiative and drive in coordinating the various programs and the facilities at the YWCA Lanyon Community Centre to best support the young mums and their children accessing her service. Her work is an excellent example of responsive assistance and programming which supports the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

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Left to right: Ruth Bradfield-Ling - Principal Marrickville West Primary School, Vivi Martin, Megan Mitchell - Commissioner for Children and Young People, Nicole Ryan, Elena Julca, Cecily Williams


Nicole Ryan, Cecily Williams & Elena Julca
Multi-mix Mob

Supporting young mothers has been recognised as an important strategy in the creation of child friendly and connected communities. The leadership shown by Nicole, Cecily and Elena from the MultiMix Mob in working in partnership with their community in developing a tailored program which facilitates the safety and wellbeing of the children and families they work with is an inspiring example to others.

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Left to right: Richard Cooke - NAPCAN CEO, Megan Mitchell - NSW Commissioner for Children and Young People, Doug Gordon, Madelene McGrath.


Doug Gordon
Youth Dance Ensemble

Doug Gordon has worked tirelessly to assist the young people with whom he works with to develop a positive sense of self worth and build resilience. Doug’s commitment to these young people as seen them develop a greater value in the benefits of education, consequently these boys have a greater chance of realising their potential.

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Left to right: Merinda Sainty, Jane Fleming, Dean Daley-Jones (back), Aileen Ashford - Tasmanian Children's Commissioner, Brendan Fletcher(back), Hon. Julie Collins - Federal Minister for Community Services, Leesa Waters


Brendan Fletcher And Mad Bastards Crew
Mad Bastards Community Initiatives

NAPCAN identified Brendan Fletcher and the Mad Bastards crew as worthy recipients to receive the National Play Your Part Award for outstanding prevention initiative as he is a fantastic example of how one person’s vision and dedication can make a difference. Brendan’s approach to the making of the Mad Bastards film and the subsequent development of the ‘Mad Bastards Guide to being your best’ is an outstanding example of how well projects are received when communities work together in a collaborative manner.

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