Rosemary Sinclair and Christine Stewart founded NAPCAN on 2 August 1987 with the support of Professor Kim Oates.

NAPCAN was originally founded to:

  • Open up lines of communication between the different government departments, agencies, professionals and community groups working in the child protection field,
  • Create a national focus on the prevention of the abuse and neglect of children, and
  • Be the leader in the area of prevention of child abuse and neglect, promoting good parenting and nurturing of children through education.

NAPCAN was established as a Peak body through the formation of the NAPCAN Foundation in 1990, and began coordinating National Child Protection Week (NCPW) across Australia in an effort to engage and educate all Australians to understand they have a part to play in keeping our children and young people safe.

This document provides a snapshot of the history of National Child Protection Week Campaigns.

National Child Protection Week History