National Child Protection Week

National Child Protection Week invites all Australians to play their part to promote the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. “Protecting children is everyone’s business.”


Launching on Father’s Day every year National Child Protection Week, now in its 25th year, supports and encourages the safety and wellbeing of Australian children and families through the Play Your Part Awards, events, programs and resources.

NAPCAN’s campaign aims to provide communities and individuals with practical information on how to ‘Play Your Part’ and to embed primary prevention messages into social discourse. It also provides a platform for communities to be empowered, resourced and mobilised to take action at a local level.

This year NAPCAN encourages you to find out more about your role in promoting the safety and wellbeing of children. Playing your part

can range from encouraging children and young people’s participation in their community to hosting a National Child Protection Week event or promoting a family friendly environment at your work.

Access the current and previous years' National Child Protection Week posters, see the 2015 poster below, videos and the latest web tools.

Register your National Child Protection Week event.

If you have any questions or suggestions for things you'd like to see included in this year's National Child Protection Week please email or call 02 8073 3300.