Welcome to National Child Protection Week!

Kicking off on Fathers’ Day, National Child Protection Week is a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the community to think about how we can work together to keep all children safe.

Importantly, we want  to remind everyone that:
• We ALL have a part to play in protecting ALL children
• Even small actions can help to improve a child’s future
• By building stronger communities, we are creating safer environments for our children

How can I get involved with National Child Protection Week?
Nominate an individual or prevention initiative for a Play Your Part Award
• Encourage children and young people to enter our art competition
Sign up to receive our beautiful National Child Protection Week posters.
• Plan or attend an event for National Child Protection Week. An event can be anything from a display, morning tea, forum, fundraiser, children’s activity or family day.
Download National Child Protection Week logos, images and

social media resources.
• Like us on Facebook facebook.com/napcan.playyourpart and follow us on Twitter (NAPCAN_NCPW) and Instagram (@playyourpart_napcan). Use the hashtags #ncpw or #playyourpart, and please share our posts!
Download our Comms Kit for everything you need to get involved!

How can I start playing my part to protect children today (and every day!)?
• Be a good role model for children
• Be kind to children, parents (and yourself!)
• Take the time to really listen to children and believe them if they tell you something
• Learn about what help services are available so you can support others if they need help
• Don’t judge other parents and families; remember that we’re all trying our best
• Look out for all children, not just your own
• Be a friendly, helpful member of your local community
• Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to ask someone if they need help
• Check out our Tip Sheets for more ideas about how to play your part

“Don’t wait until a child has been abused or neglected before you do something. We need to work together as a community to STOP this from happening in the first place.”

- Leesa Waters, Deputy CEO, NAPCAN