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Youth For Change Conference 2015

The Youth for Change conference is proudly hosted by CREATE Foundation, the peak consumer body representing the voices of children and young people in out-of-home care. CREATE provides programs and services to create a better life for children and young people in care. The Youth for Change conference will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 2nd – 4th October 2015 and is open to all children and young people in care in Australia. The conference will also be open to and appealing for carers, government officials and those working in the sector.

The overall purpose of Youth for Change: creating a better future, is to provide an international forum for young people with a care experience to learn and grow, build self-confidence, and to connect with their peers and those working within the system. The collective aim is to enhance community awareness and to reduce the stigma associated with children and young people with a care experience and to provide them with an avenue to feel empowered, informed, and to have a say and be heard.

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Safer Internet Day, 10 February 2015

The 12th Safer Internet Day will be celebrated worldwide on Tuesday 10 February 2015The theme for the day is: “Let’s create a better internet together”. Once again, children and young people, parents and carers, teachers and educators, or industry and politicians – are invited to join together in marking the day and working together to build a better internet for all, but particularly children and young people.
NAPCAN encourages:
  • Children and young people to support their friends and share their knowledge about how social media can be used to help or harm friendships and relationships
  • Teachers and educators to partner with young people in informing their school or service’s social media policy; the use of the internet and technology in their education; and in designing supportive responses to relationship difficulties involving social media
  • Families, parents and carers to regularly ‘check-in’ with children and young people about social media and their relationships; making it more likely for them to later share any concerns. Young people are the experts in technology but adults still play a vital role in teaching the skills to have healthy and respectful friendships and relationships.
  • Industry and politicians to take the time to hear the voices, wisdom and vision that children and young people can offer to make the internet a safer and more fulfilling space to learn and build relationships.

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NAPCAN’s Newest Resource

We are pleased to release NAPCAN’s newest resource Ways to support and encourage a child’s right to speak and be heard.  To see and download the full brochure, visit our Resource Hub and select the NAPCAN Brochures icon.  This resource is currently available online only.