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Join us in supporting Neighbour Day

NAPCAN is thrilled to be part of Neighbour Day (25 March 2018), especially with this year’s focus on ‘the importance of supportive neighbourhoods for children and young people’.
Visit to find out how to get involved and play your part in building stronger, safer communities for all our children. Or download our tip sheet for suggestions on how you can better support families and protect children in your neighbourhood.

Get ready for National Child Protection Week!

Mark your calendar now! National Child Protection Week is Sunday 2nd September (Father’s Day) to Saturday 8th September – and now is a great time to start planning how you can support our theme of Stronger Communities, Safer Children.

2018 Play Your Part Awards

Do you know people who are doing inspiring work to build stronger communities and support children and families? This type of work is really important in the primary prevention of child abuse and neglect, and we’d love to hear about it! Past winners have included a wide range of programs for families including home visits, mentoring, parenting support, social groups and community hubs – anything that helps to strengthen families and keep children safe.

  • State and National Awards provide high profile recognition of your work (including via events with dignitaries and media coverage)
  • NEW! Thanks to our sponsors ‘Northhaven Private Wealth and the Lynes Family’ we now have $10,000 available to invest in a project or projects with high potential.
  • Nominations close 18 April.

Click here to download our PYP Awards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

2018 NCPW Art Competition

We’re asking children and young people to illustrate what they think is important in a strong, safe community. The winning artworks will be used as part of our campaign for National Child Protection Week including on posters and social media.

  • Winners will receive $200 and $50 gift vouchers as well as recognition for their work!!

How to enter:

  • Artwork can be drawn or painted on A3 paper (can be landscape or portrait)
  • Artwork should use pictures rather than words (a few words are ok, but we’re mostly after pictures)
  • Email a photo of the artwork to with the subject ‘NCPW 2018 Artwork’ (make sure you keep the original because we will need it if you win a prize)


NAPCAN challenges all Australians to ‘value, respect, and believe children’…

In light of the release of the final report by the Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse, NAPCAN challenges all Australians to be part of a movement to value, respect and believe children.

Having removed the blindfold from the horrors of childhood sexual abuse in trusted organisations, we are presented with opportunity for change and healing.

There is reason for optimism when we hear people talking about prevention, about change, and about how everyone in the community has a part to play in protecting children.

The real power of the Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse is the voice it has given to thousands of people who have been abused.

Australia finally listened. The sheer number, and weight of evidence, gave us no choice.

By listening – and believing – we learned a lot; a lot about what happened, how it happened, the impacts on real lives, and – importantly – how to prevent it from happening again.

Research carried out on behalf of the royal commission also highlighted the importance of involving children in decisions about their own safety. Interviews with children showed that they experience safety differently to adults, that they want to be involved, and that we need to take their concerns seriously.


As one of the surveyed children highlighted, “Lots of adults don’t care enough about kids and this stuff is going to keep happening. Until they see us as having good ideas and believe us, nothing will change.”

The most important lesson of all is; ‘We need to believe children’.

The consequences of not believing a child are simply just too great.

We also need to ask ourselves why it is that we so easily dismiss the voices of children and young people in our community.

If you take a moment to reflect on who you do believe, most of us will realise that the people we listen to – and believe – are the people we value and respect.

So let’s ask ourselves, does Australia really value and respect children? Or are we stuck in a culture of ‘seen and not heard’? Or worse still ‘not seen and not heard’?

When a child speaks to us, are we really present, are we really listening?

Rather than simply slotting children into our adult world, do we really understand their wants and needs?

Do we have the wisdom to understand that a community free from abuse is a better community for everyone? Just as air pollution affects everyone, abuse spreads its toxic effects throughout the community, now and into the future.

It is time for all Australians to be kind to children and families, to value them, to respect them, and to BELIEVE them.

Smile, listen, be present, be kind; because the little things you do today make a difference.

It is time for children to be seen, heard, and believed.