Archive: Mar 2016

NAPCAN announces partnership with local government to reduce family and gender based violence

NAPCAN is looking forward to partnering with Leichhardt Council in Sydney to facilitate Respectful Relationships education to the local high school students as part of an a sustainable strategy to reduce violence against women and children in the next generation of parents.

Since 2007, NAPCAN have led the development of Respectful Relationships programming in schools through our highly regarded Love Bites program. The delivery methodology in schools via local agencies has proven to be an effective interagency strategy that brings many benefits to the community.

NAPCAN, in partnership with Leichhardt Council and local agencies including Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre, aim to build on the Love Bites year 10 Respectful Relationships program to implement a whole of school/community strategy beginning in primary schools, building through high school and beyond the school gates to include local clubs and other youth services.

NAPCAN welcomes the leadership demonstrated by Leichhardt Council as we work together to further develop our local area implementation model for Respectful Relationships skills development aimed at reducing family and gender based violence.

In partnership with Western Sydney University, Local Government and community partners, NAPCAN aim to target local area clusters in urban, rural and remote NSW through a local area implementation framework.  The framework will provide a scalable and effective methodology to manage and measure the delivery and impact of programming and campaigns on Domestic and Family Violence in the long term.

“Through commitment and leadership at a local level, we can collectively achieve a sustainable approach to reducing violence against women and children” said NAPCAN’s CEO, Richard Cooke.

The first stage of the partnership with Leichhardt Council will see staff from local organisations completing NAPCAN facilitator training and the Love Bites program rolled out to 400 Year 10 students in 2016.

To see the full media release, please click here.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day will be celebrated across the globe on 8 March 2016. The day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women both past and present.

It also acknowledges that violence against women and girls is a serious problem in the home and around the world, and encourages people to make a commitment to end this violence.

NAPCAN, through its respectful relationship education and community based programming, works with individuals and communities to affect generational change to end violence against women and children.

International Women’s Day is supported by the UN Women National Committee in Australia who are running a number of events across the country. To view events in your state or territory, please click here.